Jan 162020
Hockey Performance Seminar

When: March 25, 4:30pm Where: Tria Rink, 400 Wabasha St N, Saint Paul, Minnesota 4:15- Registration 4:45- Introduction 5:00- Sean Skahan- Coaching the Injured Hockey Player 5:55- Troy Stevens- Practice Design: Blending Skills, Concepts, and Problem Solving 6:50- Joe Lorincz- Testing and Evaluating in a Team Setting 7:45- Jack Blatherwick- Training Priorities: Adolescents vs College […]

Dec 272018

I originally wrote this a few years ago.  Looking back, I still feel the same. Today’s hockey players are becoming bigger, stronger, and faster while becoming more fit than they were in years past. In addition to young players participating in other sports, they are also participating in strength and conditioning programs either at their […]

May 252018

We like to incorporate stretches to muscle groups that can be tight from prolonged sitting and simply playing the game of hockey.  We will stretch within our strength training sessions to ensure that stretching doesn’t become an afterthought and to utilize the rest periods in between sets of strength training exercises. A muscle group that […]