Mar 262009





I had the opportunity to spend a few hours yesterday with Steve Cotter at our facility.  Steve is a Kettle Bell master who is pretty well known in the industry when it comes to the bells.  For me personally, I am always trying to figure out a way to implement them into my guys programs.  Steve’s approach is a little different as he uses them as more of a conditioning tool vs a pure strength implement.  I do like that concept because I do think that barbells and dumb bells still have their place for strength and power development.

We spent the time going over my own technique on the cleans, jerks, and snatches.   I found that once some little changes were made, my movements felt effortless.  To learn more about Steve and his workshops and DVD’s, check out his website at  

Mar 192009

Good piece written by Ross Tucker at  As most NFL teams open up their important off-season strength and conditioning programs,  Tucker talks about how the strength coach’s job is all about injury prevention.  jackdelrioHe does make some good points as all current NFL players are almost certainly strong enough.  More attention must be given to helping the players feel better and “healthy” during the season.  With the functional movement screen and other protocols being used along with corrective exercises, I think that there will be a shift towards more corrective programs being done in the NFL.