Apr 162009

I’ve been asked by a well-known fitness professional couple to come up with 5 coaching cues that I use when training my athletes.  They are going to collect coaching cues from several strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers and come up with a small handbook.  I think this is a great idea.  We can always learn something from other people and use with our athletes. 

Although these are definitely not earth-shattering coaching cues, these are definitely some phrases that I use on a daily basis. 

1-      “Chest Up”- I find myself saying this more with athletes who are first getting started, especially with squats.

2-      “Touch Your Chest”- This is the #1 coaching cue on the bench press, especially with heavier load on the bar. 

3-      “Sit back, keep your weight on your heels”- Another coaching cue that I use with squats.   

4-      “Arch your back”- This is one that I use with exercises such as dumb bell rows.  (Actually it coincides with #1.)I am looking for more of a flat-back posture rather than arched.  However, when I do tell people with a rounded back doing rows to arch they’re back, then the result is a flat back. 

5-      “Keep the bar close to your body”- This one that I use with our Olympic lift variations such as dumb bell snatches, hang snatches, and hang cleans.

There are 5 coaching cues that I use.  I remember learning to keep coaching cues to a minimum amount of words, but get the point across. 




Apr 132009




Every off-season, I try to attend as many seminars that I possibly can.  One seminar that I was referred to is the Third Annual Distinguished Lecture Series in Sports Medicine.  This looks to be an outstanding seminar on June 5th and 6th featuring some great presenters including Dr. Stuart McGill, Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, and Dave Tiberio.  Also presenting is Dr. Marc Phillipon, who is becoming really well known amongst NHL players as well as several other professional athletes for his hip surgeries.  I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say as far as hip injury prevention goes.

Apr 082009


I will be speaking at the 10th Annual Cougar Strength Clinic at the College of the Canyons on May 16th, 2009 in Valencia, CA.  My topic will be Off-Season Training for Hockey.  Robert Dos Remedios is the clinic host and was kind enough to ask me to be a part of it.  I am really honored to be participating along side some really quality professionals in Chad Waterbury, Greg Vandermade, Valerie Waters, and Ken Vick.