Jun 112009

I always enjoy reading other peoples blogs when they post what they’re reading or the list their “top 5” books in a certain field.  For me, I am always reading several books at a time.  Their really isn’t a time when I am not currently reading at least one book.  Here are the books I am currently reading.  

How to Be Like Coach Wooden by Pat Williams.  I really enjoy any book about coach Wooden.  He is definitely someone who I aspire to be like.  

Blink by Malcom Gladwell.  I really enjoyed Gladwell’s other books such as The Tipping Point and Outliers.  This one is pretty good so far as well.

Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin.  Good book showing how people who work and practice really hard at specific things within their field can excel without being really talented.  

Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson, M.D.  A great story about the ups and downs and how we can have more peaks than valleys.  Johnson is also the author of Who Moved My Cheese.  Both of these books bring their message through easy to read stories.  

Little Teal Book of Trust by Jeffrey Gitomer.  I’ve also read Gitomer’s book, Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude.  I really like Gitomer’s books.  I find them to be very inspirational and help facilitate a positive attitude.

Jun 082009

This past week, I made my annual summer trip back home to Boston where I was able to see some of my family and friends.  I was also able to get in some good continuing education and networking.  On Thursday afternoon, my wife and I were able to get a training session in at the Boston University Weight room.  I was able to hook up  and catch up with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Glenn Harris.  Glenn has now been at BU for 12 years as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach.  He is a great guy and I will always be thankful to him for giving me an opportunity back in 1998 to do an internship.  Friday morning, I was able to observe a Boston University Hockey training session.  I try to make it over to watch these guys train every time I get back home.  Mike Boyle is the Strength and Conditioning for hockey at BU.  Also joining me to observe were 3 strength coaches from other college hockey programs.  Mike is another friend/mentor to me who is always doing something new with his guys.  I always learn something new when i visit with Mike.  Friday afternoon was the 3rd Annual distinguished lecture series in sports medicine at Northeastern University.  Art Horne, Strength Coach/Athletic Trainer for Men’s Basketball at NU helped put on an outstanding lineup of speakers.  Some of the best speakers/clinicians in the industry including Mike Boyle, Dave Tiberio, Eric Cressey, Dr. Mark Phillipon, and Stuart McGill gave some great presentations.   What I really liked about is that there were several presentations given on common areas that I am constantly trying to learn more information about. I picked up a lot of new information that I am really looking forward to implementing with our athletes.  In my opinion, whenever I go and attend seminars and visit with coaches, I always judge it upon how excited I am to try new ideas when I get back to training on Monday.  This trip didn’t disappoint.