Oct 182010

I am actually writing this blog on my ipad at a Starbucks in Anaheim Hills on a rare rainy day.  I really enjoy the ipad as I get to write blogs like this, write articles, read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch tv shows and movies.     
One recent article that I have read is Dan John’s article on T-nation- “The More You Lift, The Worse You Look.”  This another great piece that he has put together.  I don’t know what it is specifically that I like about his writings.  What I think makes me enjoy his work is that the information is great once it is applied to your athletes training or my own.  I can’t even count how many times I will read his articles or re-read his book Never Let go and ask myself “Why didn’t I think of that?”. I only know of Dan the writer. I am sure he is an outstanding person and  Strength and Conditioning Coach.   
What I like about this article is that he brings about some great points about muscles and exercises that can often be neglected by people in their training today.  The mirror muscle mentality is prevalent amongst people trying to improve themselves whether it is for athletic performance or aesthetic purposes.  

There is so much stuff out there in Strength and Conditioning today.  Sometimes it can get confusing.  When do I do this exercise?  What is the progression or regression?  What Dan does so well is give common sense advise that can be applied daily to help attain big results.  I have actually already incorporated the stretches and the rhomboid rows with myself and some of my athletes.       

Oct 072010

Today’s workout for me was done in Detroit. In the am before breakfast at the hotel gym, I walked on the treadmill at 3.5 mph at a 10% grade for 30 minutes. In the afternoon, I got a workout in after our guys’ practice. I did bench press 3×5 paired with chin ups 3×5. After that it was lower bowl stadium step sprints at Joe Louis Arena x 6. Then it was 4 rounds of 1minute at 2.0 kp, 1 minute at 2.5 kp, 1 minute at 3.0 kp, 1 minute at 3.5 kp, and 1 minute at 4.0 kp (all at 80rpm) on the Monark bike (which are provided In every arena.)

One of the most difficult things to do is trying to get quality workouts in on the road. I enjoy it as no 2 cities, hotels, and arenas are the same which makes it fun and more challenging.