Apr 222011

I am actually starting this post on the plane on the way home from Nashville.  I am looking forward to getting home so I can spend a few days with Hillary and Will before we head back to Nashville for game 6.  It is a pretty hectic time right now around the Skahan household as Hillary could go into labor any day/week now.  We are excited to have another baby boy during the playoff season as my son Will was also born during the playoffs back in 2006. 

As for my time in Nashville, It was a nice 5 days spent in the Music city.  What is most important is that we split our two games and evened up the series at two apiece. I also had an opportunity to visit with the strength and conditioning staff of the Tennessee Titans.  

There has been some outstanding content posted since my last update.  The forum also has some good discussions including a discussion on favorite books.  I really like these discussions as I will sometimes pick up a book on someone’s recommendation. 

Here is what is going on at HockeySC.com:

Scap Exercises by Mike Potenza.  Mike gives some interesting scapula stability exercises both on a stability ball and the wall.  We are always working our lower traps and other scapula stabilizers with our players.  These will be a good addition. 

Anterior Core Variations by Darryl Nelson.  Darryl shows video of some anterior core variations that he uses.  What I like about Darryl’s videos is that they almost always show a group of hockey players training.  It definitely shows that Darryl is not just writing about training hockey players, but actually training them. 

Off-Season Weight Gain: Eat that Elephant by Kevin Neeld.  Kevin gives practical, real-world, common sense advice on proper weight gain for hockey players during the off-season.  Great stuff as usual from Kevin. 

Youth In- Season Introductory Program by myself.  This is an addition to our Youth Hockey Program section.  This program was done with a midget AAA program that I worked with a few seasons ago.  I would probably still use most of the exercises and progressions today. 

Identifying Strength Qualities For Your Training Program by Mike Potenza.  In this article, Mike talks about strength qualities and how them into a program for any player at any current level.  This is a really good in-depth article that shows how smart Mike is. 

Grier Persevered to Carve Out Lengthy NHL Career submitted by Mike Potenza.  Mike posted this up as he thought it would be a good addition to the site.  This is a great article that talks about a Mike Grier who is currently playing with the  Buffalo Sabres.  The article talks about Mike’s career and how important Mike Boyle’s work with him was.  It still is actually as Mike continues to train with Mike Boyle each off-season. 

Changes to the In-Season Program by myself.  This season, I made some small changes to our in-season program.  In this article, I talk about what those changes were.  I think they were beneficial. 

Thanks for your support,

Sean, Mike, Anthony, Kevin, and Darryl

Apr 122011

With professional players, it is not uncommon for them to have their own routine before games.  They fully believe that their own routine (and sometimes superstitions) will help them give them the best chance for success. 

For some players who are still young and really haven’t established their own routine yet, we will do a pre-game warm up one hour before the puck drops. This is done in a hallway outside of our dressing room whether it is at home or in an opposing arena.   Here is an example of what we may do pre-game using a 10-15 yard distance and a small agility ladder (4 boxes):

Movement Prep

     High Knee Tuck

     Heel to Butt with Opposite Arm Reach



     Lunge Walk + Forearm to Instep + Arm Reach/Thoracic Rotation + Hamstring

     Reverse Lunge with Reach

     Lateral Squat Walk

     Over and Under Hurdle Walk

     High Knee Run


     High Knee Skip

     Backwards Open Door Skip

     Backwards Run

     Forward Run

Agility Ladder

     2 in the hole x2

     Lateral 2 in the hole L/R

     Quick Shuffle

     2 in/2 out Forward

     2 in/2 out L/R

Apr 082011

This Week on HockeyStrengthandConditioning.com:

I hope everyone has enjoyed the week.  You have to love this time of year.  The frozen four is being played this weekend as well as the Master’s.  The NHL regular season is winding down.   We have a huge weekend here with the team.  Hopefully by Sunday, we will know that  1- We are in the playoffs, and 2- Who we are playing. 

Here is what we had this past week on HockeySC.com:

Strength Training Fundamentals by Darryl Nelson.  Darryl gives some good common sense advice on a proper Strength program for hockey players from a functional perspective.  Really good piece here from Darryl. 

Early Off-Season Program by Kevin Neeld.  Kevin presents us with a 2-day strength and conditioning program for youth players who are just making the transition from in-season to off-season training.  Good stuff from Kevin. 

Long Term Athletic Development by Dr. Steven Norris.  This was submitted by Darryl.  I haven’t watched it yet, but I plan on it soon.  Here is what Darryl had to say about it – “This is excellent stuff. Dr. Norris is the ‘brains’ of Canada’s “Own the Podium” initiative for the 2010 winter Olympics…they set a record for most gold medals won in a winter games”

Finally was ACL Rehab Phase 2 from myself.  This is phase 2 out of a 4-phase program that was successfully used to help rehab a player from an ACL surgery.  When compared to phase 1, you can see some of the progressions that we made. 

Thanks for the continued support- Sean, Mike, Mike, Anthony, and Kevin.