Jul 292011

I hope everyone has had a good week.  For me, I have back to back Saturday and Sunday games this weekend.  I am taking the weekend off from Kettlebells so I can be fresh for both games.  Proper nutrition and hydration principleswill be important Saturday night!

We have had another good week of excellent content additions
at HockeySC.com.

Youth Core Training Program Phase 1 by Mike Potenza- A good core program for a youth player or any player for that matter.   I really like how Mike breaks up his progressions and I like the choice of exercises here.  These can be used both off-season and in-season.


Summer Program Phase 3 by Darryl Nelson- I really like Darryl’s programs because of the simplicity of them.  Proper, basic exercise selection with adherence to good technique is all you need. One of our players is working with Darryl again this summer and judging by how the individual did last season for us, this is a really good program.


Friesen Physio Fitness Summit- Our good friend Pete Friesen is having his annual Physio Fitness Summit.  I really wish I could attend this.
Check it out here- Friesen Physio Fitness Summit.


It’s All About Durability by Sean- This is an article that I
put together on the importance of durability. It may mean different aspects for some, but it is an important component for a teams’ success.


Sled and Sprint Contrast by Sean- This is the video of the week.  In these videos, I show what we are doing right now for our speed training. I really like the addition of the sleds to the speed program this summer.  This is a variation of training that we are doing with our athletes.


Thanks for your continued support!


Sean, Mike, Anthony, and Darryl

Jul 282011

Another Successful Wednesday is in the books:

– Worked with some of the guys in the am.  Conditioning was shuttles and they killed them.

My training:

– Kettlebell Snatches- 9+9 ea. arm on the start of every minute.  I was supposed to get 9 minutes of them, but I got 6 today.  I will get 9 minutes next week.  The positive thing is that I got 90 done in 4:44.  HR was 182 at the end of set 6.  I haven’t seen that HR in a long while other than playing hockey.

– 1-Arm Kettlebell clean and press with 32k-  3 rounds of 1 +2 ea. arm (I clean the bell, do 1 rep each, then put it down to rest, and then clean the bell and do 2 reps each).  Paired with 5 chin ups for 3×5

I am 3 weeks out of the RKC.  I am feeling good where the higher amount of snatches are feeling smoother and my shoulder strength is getting better.  I think most importantly is that my hands are adjusting pretty good.  The calluses are more manageable.

Jul 222011

I hope everyone has had a great week and also have a great weekend.  This week at HockeySc, I will call the Mike Potenza week because we had 2 awesome contributions from him.  Mike is a really good Strength and Conditioning Coach who has done an ubelievable  job with the San Jose Sharks.  He is also a good friend who I get to share ideas with every once in a while.  Here is what we had added to the site by Mike:

Linear and Lateral Movement Training– This a really good in-depth article on Mike’s linear and lateral movement philosophies and progressions.  What I like most about the article is the coaching cues included.  These types of movements are important for hockey players to learn and do properly so they can move more efficiently.  I have a very similar belief system with this philosophy.  My only addition would be the importance of the crossover step.  Check out my Improving the Crossover Step For Hockey in the article section of this site if you have not.


2-Day Summer Travel Workouts–  This is something that does come up quite frequently with hockey players, especially the pros.  Sometimes when a player goes out of town for a few days, workouts like these are necessary.  The hotel gym may not be good enough or what I run across more frequently is players not having enough time.   A players’ personal time on vacation really needs to be taken into consideration.  These are is quick, bang for your buck, workouts that will be just fine in any situation.


Thats it for the week.  Special thanks to Mike Potenza for putting up some great content.  Also, don’t forget to check out the forum.  We have a good discussion going on about how to design an on-ice conditioning program late in the off-season.


Thanks for the continued support,


Sean, Mike, Anthony, Kevin, and Darryl


Jul 212011

Today was another day in my preparation for the RKC next month in San Diego.

The day started with an early morning dog walk for about a mile and a half.  These walks are always a great way for me to start my days. These walks are also great ways for me to try to stay lean (as well as my dog Bailey).

As for my workout which was done later on in the afternoon, it was a snatch prep day with the 24k kettlebell. Wednesdays are my “Density” days where I do a certain number of reps on each arm at the start of every minute. My rest period is the remainder of the minute until I start the next set at the start of the next minute.  The program that is outlined in Brett Jones’ RKC Snatch Test 101 article is actually what I am doing for my snatch test prep. Today was 8+8ea arm every minute for 10 minutes. I had been stuck on this phase for the past 2 weeks.  I couldn’t get them done in an acceptable manner. Two weeks ago, I only got 6 minutes and last week I got 9 minutes. Today, I got my 10 minutes. It’s now onto 9+9ea. for 9 minutes next Wednesday.

After my snatches, it was on to my kettlebell presses and chin ups. Today was a medium volume day where I did 5 ladders up to 3 reps on both single arm presses and chin ups. I cleaned the kettlebell, then performed 1 press on each arm. Then I went over to the chin up bar and did 1 chin up. Then I cleaned the kettlebell and performed 2 presses on the left arm and then 2 on the right followed by 2 chin ups. Then I cleaned the kettlebell and did 3 presses left and 3 presses right followed by 3 chin ups. I did this 4 more times. It gave me a total of 30 reps of presses on each arm and 30 chin ups.  This is actually taken from Pavel Tsatsouline’s Enter the Kettlebell book.

That’s it.

Jul 152011

We have had tons of content added since my last post about HockeySC. Along with the quality content in the form of articles, videos, programs, and webinars, the forum continues to have great discussions. Currently, there are discussions on slideboards, short off seasons, and summer hockey schools. If you are a member and you want to ask a question, please don’t be afraid to post it on the forum.

Here is what we have added in the last few weeks:

In Season Training Webinar by myself. In this Webinar, I give the same presentation that I gave live last month at the Roger Neilsen’s coaches clinic. In season training ias something that I am passionate about as it consists of the most time that I spend with our players.

Training with the NHL Carolina Hurricanes is a video featuring Peter Friesen, the Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Carolina Hurricanes. Pete is a passionate, high-energy coach who gets the most out of his athletes. This is a good video that shows Pete in action.

ACL Rehab Phase 4 by myself. This is another part of my ACL rehab program. You can see how we progressed along with all of the exercises included in the program. The exercises during this phase aren’t too much different from exercises used with “healthy” players.

Interview with Power Skating Coach Cathy Andrade by Mike Potenza. I am seeing the benefits of proper power skating coaching with players, especially younger ones who might need to fine-tune some aspects of their skating. As a result, I’ve seen some drastic changes in some players’ stride and technique over the years from good power skating coaching. This is a good interview with a good power skating coach.

4-Day Off Season Program Phase 3 by Kevin Neeld. This is a good program designed by Kevin. I really like the pre-training assessment questions on the sheets of paper for each workout. There are some excellent exercise variations in this program.

Posterior Chain Variations by Darryl Nelson. In this video, Darryl shows some examples of the posterior chain exercises that he uses with his players. Darryl shows how uses such as the stability ball, slideboard, and the TRX for strengthening the posterior chain. Good stuff from Darryl.

Thanks for all of your help and support,

Sean, Anthony, Mike, Kevin, and Darryl

Jul 122011

I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the summer. I am actually typing this on my parents back deck here on a humid night in Quincy, Ma. I have been out of the loop for a little while here at my blog. During the week of June 29th- July 6th, I was heavily busy with our annual prospect camp. We had a great week of coaching and educating our young players on our strength and conditioning program. I really enjoy these weeks because it really is a young prospect’s first exposure to professional hockey and their new respective team.

After the prospect camp, my family and I were on a plane heading to Boston for my sister Marybeth’s wedding. While we were there for the wedding, we also got to spend some time with family and friends. For training, Hillary and I got some good workouts in at the Boston Sports Club in Weymouth where I was able to use their kettlebells and continue my training for RKC which is now 5 weeks away. Hillary was able to get her own lifts in and at the same time, get plenty of different looks from the females on the elliptical trainers and treadmills doing their low intensity cardio.

While I was home, I also got to visit with Mike Boyle at MBSC in Woburn. What I really enjoy about my visits with Mike is that I always pick up something new that I can use immediately with my athletes. This time around, I got to see the 1-leg deadlift being performed by the athletes. This is another simple, yet effective exercise that definitely looks like a hybrid between a 1-leg deadlift and a 1-leg squat. Something I can see in the program real soon. After I observed the pro and youth athletes train, I was able to get in my own workout in. It was my first time I was at MBSC. I was really impressed with the facility and the flow of the workouts that were going on. Perfect technique across the board combined with hard work was what really stood out.

After my visit to MBSC, it was then off to the Boston University weightroom to visit with Glenn Harris. Glenn is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at BU and does a really good job. The weightroom has recently undergone an expansion which makes it look unbelievable. Check out Glenn’s blog at GameFitPerformance.

All in all, another good trip back home.