Feb 242012

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week.  We are heading home from a very long, 16-day road trip.  The trip consisted of 8 games in 8 different cities.  Although it was 16 days, the time passes by pretty quickly especially when we played so frequently.

While I have been travelling, I haven’t been able to spend that much time on the computer.  With what is going on with our team right now, it seems like my brain and energy is focused on trying to help our guys be at their best so we can win.

I did get some time to check out the latest content additions at the HockeySc.com.

First up is Metabolic Circuit #2 by Darryl Nelson.  In this video, Darryl shows some different exercises done in a circuit like fashion.  What I like about this video is that it shows a large number of players working and doing the same exercises at once.  We use a variation of a plate circuit late in August with our players.  I think these are a great way to change things up a little and help create the team concept even better.  One thing you can also tell from the last exercise shown in the video is that the players are having fun.  I think having fun is a good thing during some aspects of a strength and conditioning program.

Next up is Mike Potenza’s Off-Season Pre-Camp Work Capacity Circuit.  In this program, Mike gives us a very detailed daily plan.  I really like how Mike sets this up.

Next up is my Kettlebell Swing video.  This is actually a clip of my new DVD, Kettlebell Lifting for Hockey.  In this clip, I talk about how I use the kettlebell swing in the programming of my athletes.  Then I show how we teach our players to do the swing properly.

Last is Eric Renaghan’s Help…I’ve strained my Groin, again. This is a great article that describes Eric’s and Mike Potenza’s philosophy and protocol for the prevention and treatment of groin strains.  This is very similar to the protocol that we follow with our team.  It is imperative that their is collaboration between the Strength and Conditioning Coach, Massage or Manual Therapist, and the Athletic Trainers.  This is a good piece.

When you log on to the site, please make sure that you check out the forum.  We have had some quality discussions on their recently.

Thanks for your continued support,

Sean Skahan

Feb 202012

I got a really good training session here in Tampa Bay.  All that I had for equipment was a pair of adjustable dumbbells and stationary bikes.

Here’s what I got done:

Foam roll and Trigger point management

Joint Mobiliy


DB Swings (40lbs)- 4×25

1-Arm DB Shoulder Press (60lbs)- 2x5ea.

DB Deadlift (60lbs ea hand)- 2×8

Pull Up (hands on railing above the tunnel which takes players to the ice)- 2×5

1-Leg Squat/Pistols- 3×1 each


Manual Resistance, 2:00 warm up at level 10- 80 rpm, 1:00 sprint @ level 21, recovery @ level 1 to 120bpm and then repeat- x6


Feb 132012

Getting a good training session in on the road is very challenging.  On long road trips, it is important for me to plan ahead so I know what my sessions are going to be.  Sometimes, you never know what you are going to get at the hotel gym or what kind of equipment you can borrow from the home team.

Today, I got my training session in at the strength and conditioning facility of the Minnesota Wild.  Unlike many of the other hotel gyms and other facilities in the league, they have some kettlebells.

The last time that we were here (back in October I believe), I cleaned and press the 40k bell.  Although I struggled with it a little, I still got it under the RKC standards.  Today, it was much easier.  Looking ahead, I don’t think the 44k is unrealistic.

I also performed a pull up with the 24k bell with my foot hooked through the handle.  I was able to bring my neck up to the top which I was really excited about as this has been a struggle for me.

I also did a 5 minute snatch test.  This is the second time that I have done this since my RKC in August.  Honestly, these are starting to get easier or maybe I am becoming more efficient at these.

Here was my workout:

Warm Up-

Foam rolling

Joint Mobility

1-Arm Clean and Press- 5×1 ea. Arm.   First set- I got the 40k with my right arm easily, left arm couldn’t get it, I then completed 4 singles each arm with the 32k.

Pair with Pull Up- 5×1.  First set done with the 24k.  Following 4 done with bodyweight only.

5 minute snatch test in 4:50.  I put the bell down once.  I went 20L/20R/10L/10R, put the bell down.  Then, I went 10L/10R/5L/5R/5L/5R.

Easy 20 minute stationary bike- manual resistance- HR 125-135.

Feb 102012

I hope everyone has had a great week.  I am actually writing this post while flying from Orange County to Detroit.  The team is beginning an 8 game, 16 day road trip against Detroit.  It should be interesting as it is a long trip with very meaningful games.  Also, back in Boston, the first round of the beanpot was last Monday night.  It looks like it will be Boston College vs. Boston University for the championship next Monday night.  These are two great college hockey programs going at it.  Are we ever going to see a Harvard vs. Northeastern final?  I am hoping one of these years we will.

At HockeySc.com, we have had a good week of content additions.

First up is Kevin Neeld’s Directional Rolling.  This is a great piece that is very educational.  In this article Kevin talks about the importance of addressing locked-long and locked short muscles through self-myofacial release (SMR).  Kevin also talks about Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes, which I feel are keys to address on a daily basis.

Next up is Darryl Nelson’s Stretching and Warm Ups.  In this piece Darryl outlines some of the stretching and warm up protocols that he uses.

Last is Jeff Cubos’ NHL Concussions: Have Our Players “Outgrown” Our Sport? .  Jeff is a frequent contributor to the site and a very bright practitioner.  We are always posting articles from professionals other than me, Mike, Kevin, and Darryl.   This is a great article that really makes you think.  To me, it really makes sense.  Players have become bigger, faster, and stronger over the past decade or so.  However, the ice surface size has remained the same.  Jeff suggests a strategy to help combat the concussion issue.

That’s it for the week.  Don’t forget to check out the forum as we have had some good discussions going on there recently.



Feb 032012

Hey everyone, I hope all is well.  I am going to blog about the content that was added this past week at HockeySc.com.  Before I do, I just want to mention something about the link I posted to Charles Poliquin’s blog titled, Getting the Most Out of Crossfit .

I am asked quite frequently “What do you think of Crossfit?” by friends and others who have heard about it.  I was actually going to blog about answering that question, but then I read Charles’ blog the other day.  He did a really good job of saying what I was thinking.  It disgusts me to see exercises that should be performed with proficient technique done poorly.  There are tons of videos that are being shared on the internet showing this stuff that would be considered Crossfit.  People can get hurt pretty easily in the weight room and showing freak accidents doesn’t help promote the positive aspects of Crossfit.   However, you can’t disregard the fact that more people are actually going to these crossfit gyms.  I think it’s great that there are more people joining these gyms versus joining big box fitness gyms and not having a plan in place to help them achieve their goals.  People getting off of their asses, being competitive, strength training, and eating better are good things for our society. The most important concept to me is as long as it’s done properly.  I would imagine that there are some really good Crossfit trainers and gyms while there are also some bad ones.  It wouldn’t be fair to mention that there are some really good strength and conditioning coaches and programs and also some really bad strength and conditioning coaches and programs.

As far as what is going on at HockeySC goes:

I posted a program, Summer 2011 Strength Training Phase 5.  Phase 5 has always been the transition period from 4-day per week off-season training into our pre-season mode.  I would classify this as our circuit training phase.  We have been doing these types of phases for about 8 years now.

Next up was Mike Potenza’s Pilates Bench Assisted 1-leg Squat video of the week.  I’ve never seen this device/chair before.  What Mike is doing with it in the video is a really good 1-leg squatting regression.  I can definitely see this being used in a re-hab setting to help restore a player’s one-leg strength.  This is a great video from Mike.

Please enjoy the weekend and more importantly- Go Pats!