Aug 232012

I hope everyone is doing great.  Summer is coming to a close as off-season programs are wrapping up all over North America.

It has been a great summer for me personally as I was able to spend more time with my family, work with some of our players, and learn and speak at several conferences and workshops all over the world.  It is time to get geared up for the pre-season.

As far as what’s going on at, we’ve been having a run of getting some really good content added to the site.  Here is what we have added recently:


Understanding (or Misunderstanding) Aerobic Training by Michael Boyle.  This was originally posted at  Michael was kind enough to let us post this on our site.

Things I Have Taken Away From Watching the Summer Olympics by Darryl Nelson


Pre-Hab- Re-Hab Exercise Menu by Mike Potenza

5-Day Off-Season Program Phase 3 by Kevin Neeld


150-Yard Shuttle Run by me

Lateral Lunges with Step Across by Darryl Nelson

Seated Psoas Lift with Contralateral Pressure by Kevin Neeld

That is it for now.  I also want to remind you to check out the forum when you log on.  We have had some great discussions going on including an interesting one on aerobic work.

Aug 032012

I can’t believe it is already August.  Training camp and the beginning of hockey season will be here in no time.   Off-season training programs are going in full swing in the USA and Canada with lots of players returning to the ice for on-ice conditioning sessions.

My son Will just completed the spring/summer In-House league at Anaheim Ice.  During this season, he was actually “traded” or added from one team to another.  In fact, they actually played each other in the finals with Will’s new team, the Blazers winning the championship.  Now, he is getting ready for Mite-B travel hockey (while also playing soccer), which will start real soon.  As a parent, it was so neat to watch him continue in his development as a hockey player.

It’s been a few weeks since my last update on the site.  During that time, HockeySC has added lots of content.

Here is what we have added:


Y-Balance and Ice Hockey by Jeff Cubos

Presentation from the 25th Roge Neilson Hockey Clinic in Windsor,Ontario: Considerations for a Developmental Hockey Program by Mike Potenza

Friesen Physio Fitness Summitt by Pete Friesen

Looking Deeper Into the Visual System by Kevin Neeld


Med Ball Off-Season Throws by Mike Potenza

1-Arm Cleans by Darryl Nelson


4 Day Off-Season by Darryl Nelson

Off-Season Phase 3 Strength Training by Me

That’s it for now.  Please remember to check out the forum the next time that you log on.  We have some good discussions going on such as aerobic training, Y-Balance test, and psoas specific work.