” Sean Skahan is not just one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in ice hockey, he is one of the best young strength and conditioning coaches that I know. Sean is constantly working to get better in every area and, it shows in the effects he has on his players”

Michael Boyle

“Sean Skahan is not just one of the smartest guys in the hockey strength and conditioning field – he’s one of the smartest people in the industry period. A class act, who never hesitates to help, advise or teach when needed, Sean is what I consider to be a true pro, and above all a gentleman. I’m proud to be part of a profession that includes people like Sean Skahan”

Alwyn Cosgrove

“Sean Skahan is among the brightest minds in not only the hockey training world, but in the entire field of strength and conditioning. His passion for continuing education and sharing his knowledge is admirable, especially in light of how much he’s already accomplished. I consider myself very fortunate to have him as a resource in my corner.”

Eric Cressey

“Sean Skahan is a real-deal strength and conditioning coach. Sean is entrusted with world class athletes with the job task of improving performance and decreasing injury…..and he is GREAT at his job. Sean is in the trenches day in and day out DOING WORK with his athletes and when he’s not he’s out visiting coaches, going to seminars all in the quest to make himself a better professional at his craft. Sean’s track record and accomplishments speaks for themselves, I’m just here to say that he’s as good as it gets and I’m glad that I have the honor of being his friend and strength & conditioning peer.”

Robert dos Remedios, MA, CSCS, SCCC
Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning College of the Canyons
2006 NSCA Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Professional of the Year

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