Apr 162009

I’ve been asked by a well-known fitness professional couple to come up with 5 coaching cues that I use when training my athletes.  They are going to collect coaching cues from several strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers and come up with a small handbook.  I think this is a great idea.  We can always learn something from other people and use with our athletes. 

Although these are definitely not earth-shattering coaching cues, these are definitely some phrases that I use on a daily basis. 

1-      “Chest Up”- I find myself saying this more with athletes who are first getting started, especially with squats.

2-      “Touch Your Chest”- This is the #1 coaching cue on the bench press, especially with heavier load on the bar. 

3-      “Sit back, keep your weight on your heels”- Another coaching cue that I use with squats.   

4-      “Arch your back”- This is one that I use with exercises such as dumb bell rows.  (Actually it coincides with #1.)I am looking for more of a flat-back posture rather than arched.  However, when I do tell people with a rounded back doing rows to arch they’re back, then the result is a flat back. 

5-      “Keep the bar close to your body”- This one that I use with our Olympic lift variations such as dumb bell snatches, hang snatches, and hang cleans.

There are 5 coaching cues that I use.  I remember learning to keep coaching cues to a minimum amount of words, but get the point across. 




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