Apr 172010

Some great new content up on HockeyStrengthandConditioning.com

this week:

-Video of the Week- “Corrections for Hip Extension Exercises” from

Mike Potenza- The position of skating causes the quad musculature

to become overworked and tight, as a result the Vastus Lateralis

can make hip external rotation common during some bent knee and

straight leg hip extension exercises. Here are some videos that

show how we correct exercise technique in San Jose to help

utilize the entire hamstring group properly.


-“Diversify Your Athletic Lifestyle” from Sean Skahan looks at why

it is important for young hockey players to be an athlete at

several sports. Developing skills and having fun playing other

sports can have a positive effect on any hockey player at any



-“In Season Training-Something is Better Than Nothing”- Mike Boyle:

Kind of a lousy title for an article but, it’s true. I often talk

to coaches who say “we don’t train in-season, we don’t have a

weightroom”. I think I have a simple, low cost solution.


-Also, Check out the Endeavor Hockey Assessment Form that Kevin

Neeld uses with all of his hockey players. They started

implementing this recently so they don’t have enough data to draw

any conclusions, but it should be interesting to see what

commonalities they observe after testing all of their off-season

players this Summer.


Any questions, let us know,

Kevin, Michael, Sean and Mike.


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