Nov 242010

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing great with your Thanksgiving day preparations. With the holiday and Friday also being the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I would get this out today.

Anthony Renna and the StrengthCoach Podcast are giving away a year-long membership to (amongst other prizes) in honor of the 3-year anniversary of the show. Anthony has done an unbelievable job with this over the last 3 years. It has become a huge part of my own continuing education process. I will upload it to my iPhone and listen to it on my dog walks in the early mornings. Check out for the details.

Here is the content that has been added to since my last update:

Jaime Rodriguez added Rules For Training a Hockey Team. In this article, Jaime gives 10 rules that are needed to help train a hockey team successfully. Really good, real-world common sense stuffed from Jaime here.

Next up is an example of Kevin Neeld’s 2 Day Per Week In-season Program. This is a good look at how Kevin designs programs in-season for young players who play on the weekends. I’m a big believer in young players being involved in a strength training program versus some of the “dry land” methods that I see in parking lots outside of rinks before practices today. Good stuff from Kevin.

Mike Boyle posted More Support for Unilateral Training – a Facebook Exchange. This is great real-world information. Even though it is a dialogue between Mike and a football strength and conditioning coach, the information can be applied to hockey players. It is always great to see this kind of information applied in the team setting.

Last, but not least, is Dan Boothby’s Developing a Yearly Strength Training Program for Ice Hockey. For those who don’t know Dan, he is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Hockey at Northeastern University. Dan is a great guy who has done a real good job since his arrival at NU. This article is a really good in-depth look at what he does with his team.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and thanks for your continued support.

Sean, Mike, Anthony, Mike, and Kevin

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