Jun 242011

The off-season is going by quickly. I can’t believe that we are already at the annual NHL draft weekend as it seems like it was yesterday that the regular season ended.  Next week is also our annual prospect conditioning camp.  I really enjoy the prospect camps because we get to teach young players how to train what we feel is proper.  Most of the teams in the NHL are incorporating these camps now as I think everyone is starting to see the benefits of them to their success. 

As we prepare for the camp and I roll along with working with some of the roster players who are in town during the summer, it is time to give an update on what’s happening on HockeySc.com.  We have had some really great content added over the last week or so. 

The HSC Roundtableis a new feature to the site.  In this segment, myself, Mike Potenza, Kevin Neeld, and Darryl Nelson give our thoughts and opinions on setting up a training facility.  Although some of our answers are very similar, there are some differences as we each have had different individual issues that we had/have in setting up our facilities.

My Barbell Complex video was up next as I added a complex that we use with a barbell during the last phase of the off season.  We will also use this as an exercise in-season as well. 

Off-Ice Games by Darryl Nelson is a video showing some simple, fun games that Darryl has used with some youth players that he has worked with.   These are ways to make the drills exercises fun with the benefits of gaining some speed and agility.

There were 2 programs added this week in 4 Day Off-Season Training Phase 2 by Kevin Neeld and Speed Strength Phase of Training by Mike Potenza.  Both of them are good programs that work well in Kevin and Mike’s system.  I always read the programs to look at the coach’s template and workout flow.  These are some really solid programs from these guys.

Next up was a link to an interview with Mike Babcock.  This was submitted by Kevin Neeld and it was originally on NHL Network.  Mike is one of the most driven to succeed person that I know.  He is someone who approaches everything with intensity, including continuing his own education and getting better.  This is worth a listen for some extra motivation to seek constant improvement in whatever your profession may be. 

Last up was Darryl Nelson’s Core Training.  In this article Darryl explains his philosophy on core training. Like me, Darryl is a believer that we should not be performing flexion and rotation.  We should be performing ant-flexion/extension and anti-rotation exercises in our core programs.  In the article, Darryl references Dr. Stuart McGill who I have read about and seen speak several times.  This is article is a must read if you are still doing crunches or sit ups with your players. 

That’s it for the last week or so. 

Thanks for your continued support,

Sean, Mike, Anthony, Kevin, and Darryl

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