Nov 112011


I hope everyone is doing great.  It has been a while since my last post on what is going on at  I really like the contributions that we are getting from coaches like Anthony Donskov, who I got to spend some time with on a recent road trip.  In addition to getting some good content from Anthony and the usual lineup of coaches, our forum is pretty busy.  There are always good discussions going on including some recent ones about vibration training, reducing inflammation in the diet, and barefoot training.

Here is what has been posted recently at

Quarter Sprints by Darryl Nelson.  This is an interesting progression or regression, depending on how you look at it.  Basically it is a sprint program where the distance and time to complete the sprint is higher at the beginning (starts at 40 yards in 6 seconds) and lower at the end (5 yards and 1 second).  I like this type of metabolic work.

Hockey Hips Assessments Webinar by Kevin Neeld.  This is a webinar that Kevin also did for  Good stuff here from Kevin.

Five Exercises that Hockey Players Should Do in the Weight Room by myself.  This one was posted here on my blog here.  I wanted to add it to the HockeySC community in case a member didn’t get a chance to read it.

Strength Training for a Hockey Player with a Uni-lateral Lower Body Injury by Mike Potenza.  These are the types of programs that I really like.  These programs are more real-world programs that strength and conditioning coaches need to know how to design.  Like Mike, I am also faced with circumstances where a program like this has to be incorporated.  I also know how important it is to have an injured athlete on a good program that works.  The strength and conditioning coach is going to be spending a lot of time with the injured athlete, so it is imperative that it is worth the time spent.

Why Shoes Make Normal Gait Impossible by Dr. William Rossi.  This was an article submitted by Northwest Foot and Ankle.  The more education that is made available about the foot and ankle is going to help us moving forward.  This shows more “support” for barefoot-like footwear.

Half Get Up with a Cup of Water by myself.  This is a video that shows a different variation of the Get Up.  I love Get Ups and have been using them now quite a bit with my athletes.  We have used this version with some athletes who are returning from shoulder surgeries and injuries.

2- Day In-Season Training Program Phase 2 by Kevin Neeld.  This is a continuation of Kevin’s in-season program that he uses with the 16u-18u team that he works with.  I like the exercise selection in these workouts.  Not much different from what I would do.

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