Aug 192011

I am posting this on the morning of the first day of the RKC certification here in San Diego.  This has been on my calendar and a goal of mine for a few months now.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I plan on writing a blog post on my whole entire RKC/Kettlebell experience real soon.

Back up in Anaheim, we just capped off the first week of our final phase of the off-season.  I can’t believe how fast the off-season has gone by.

At HockeySC, we have had some good content put over the last 2 weeks or so.  Here is what was added:

Relative Age Effect by Darryl Nelson.  This is a really good, interesting piece submitted by Darryl.  It kind of reminds me of the chapter in the book Outliers that where Gladwell talks about all of the January birthdays on the Vancouver Memorial Cup team. I have actually have never given any thought to what is talked about in Darryl’s article, but there are some very interesting stats to say the least.

Phase 5 ACL Re-Conditioning by myself.  I added this to the previous 4 phases that are on the site.  If you have been following along, I would suggest printing up all of the phases so that you can see the progressions of all of the exercises involved from phase to phase.

Lateral Plyo’s: End of Summer Phases by Mike Potenza. These are some quality plyometric videos submitted by Mike.  I really like the box jump variation.

Please check out the forum and don’t be afraid to post a question if you have one.  We are always checking in to answer questions and continue discussions.

Thanks for the continued support!

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