Jan 312011

This past weekend was the NHL all-star break.  While there were several players who were fortunate enough to be recognized and take part in the festivities, the rest of the league got some much needed rest and relaxation.  (Training staffs too).

The reality is that the season is an absolute grind.  Each team across the league has played around 49-52 games so far in 4 months of hockey.  When you add in practices, travel demands, and workouts, the players have earned a much needed break.  The break came at the right time for all of the teams.   Each player can relax before the stretch run in which every team is gunning for a playoff birth.  I gaurantee that you will see some really good hockey games during the last 30-33 games from your favorite team.   We all know that all you have to do is get in the top 8 in the conference to have a chance at the cup.

It is also important to get your rest in with your own training.  Going to the gym every day can get old for some.  The daily routine of going to the same gym and doing some of the same things over and over again, can and will wear you out.  Therefore, like the NHL, you need time to recharge the batteries.

Some of the successful programs that I have seen at the professional, collegiate, Olympic, and private training  levels are usually 12 weeks long.  What I like about these programs is that week 13 is an unload week or an off week.  Their athletes will then start up again with week 1 of a new 12 week program after that week.  The week off is to physically rest and recover while also mentally refreshing themselves before starting a new phase.

Everyone needs their time off to recharge their own batteries.

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