Jul 292011

I hope everyone has had a good week.  For me, I have back to back Saturday and Sunday games this weekend.  I am taking the weekend off from Kettlebells so I can be fresh for both games.  Proper nutrition and hydration principleswill be important Saturday night!

We have had another good week of excellent content additions
at HockeySC.com.

Youth Core Training Program Phase 1 by Mike Potenza- A good core program for a youth player or any player for that matter.   I really like how Mike breaks up his progressions and I like the choice of exercises here.  These can be used both off-season and in-season.


Summer Program Phase 3 by Darryl Nelson- I really like Darryl’s programs because of the simplicity of them.  Proper, basic exercise selection with adherence to good technique is all you need. One of our players is working with Darryl again this summer and judging by how the individual did last season for us, this is a really good program.


Friesen Physio Fitness Summit- Our good friend Pete Friesen is having his annual Physio Fitness Summit.  I really wish I could attend this.
Check it out here- Friesen Physio Fitness Summit.


It’s All About Durability by Sean- This is an article that I
put together on the importance of durability. It may mean different aspects for some, but it is an important component for a teams’ success.


Sled and Sprint Contrast by Sean- This is the video of the week.  In these videos, I show what we are doing right now for our speed training. I really like the addition of the sleds to the speed program this summer.  This is a variation of training that we are doing with our athletes.


Thanks for your continued support!


Sean, Mike, Anthony, and Darryl

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