Mar 042011

We had another good week of content at  The content continues to be great as we got some newe videos and programs added.  The forum has also been going good with discussions on conditioning, treadmills, and nervous system fatigue this week.  Make sure you log on to check out what’s going on.  We are really putting together a good site for Hockey Strength and Conditioning. 

First Up was Kevin Neeld’s 2-Day In-Season program.  This is a good program from Kevin.  It maybe a little more volume than what I would do with my guys, but in Kevin’s situation, it makes sense.

Next up was my ACL Rehab phase 1.  This is an older program that I used with a player.  I think what is important and is mostly not mentioned with these programs is the fact that a program can be good, but if the athlete isn’t willing to work hard at it, then it isn’t a good program.  I know first-hand that this athlete worked his ass off during this program (which was 5 phases total).  In this situation, the proper progressions combined with the hard work that the athlete put in, contributed to him coming back completely healthy.

Darryl Nelson’s Olympic Lifts from the Hang Position was up next.  This is 2 videos showing the Hang Snatch and Hang Clean.  Darryl does a great job with his coaching.  I know this because I have seen several of the players who have been through the National Development Program lift.  With some of our recent prospects coming from there, I have had to do minimal coaching with them as their Olympic technique is real good.  Darryl has made my job a lot easier.

Last was Mike Potenza’s Abduction and Adduction Exercises.  These are great videos from Mike showing how he isolates these important muscles in the injury prevention process.  I am going to give them a try as we are always looking for new ways to progress our abduction and adduction exercises.

Again, I hope you log on to check out the newest content.  Thanks!

Sean, Mike, Anthony, Kevin, and Darryl

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