May 202011

I hope everyone is doing great. We have had some great contributions on  during the past week or so.  We also continue to have some good discussions on the forum including threads on power skating, body checking, and sled progressions.  Make sure you log on and check out the forum. 

Here is what we have added during the past week:

Training For Speed by Darryl Nelson.  Darryl explains the importance of developing speed properly for hockey.  Like myself, Darryl preaches the development of acceleration over top-end speed.  The game of hockey is all about acceleration as rarely do you a see a player achieve top-end speed.  Darryl does a great job explaining the importance of acceleration. 

The Hang Clean Breakdown and Other Olympic Lifts by Jaime Rodriguez.  This is a good article on Olympic lifting and its substitutes.  Jaime also does a great job breaking down a teaching progression for the clean.  This is really good information for someone learning how to teach the clean.  I love the hang clean and use it with my athletes and I have used these progressions as well.

Early Off-Season Program by Kevin Neeld.  This is a good look at a 4-day program that Kevin is doing with his athletes.  I like the focus on increasing range of motion and alignment while also building some hypertrophy. 

ACL Rehab Phase 3 by myself.  This is a continuation of program that worked for an athlete who rehabbed from an ACL tear a few years ago.  It is important to note that this program was implemented by myself daily for 6 days per week for 2 hours per day.  This was after the athlete spent a significant amount of time with a physical therapist.  This is not a program that is to be implemented immediately after ACL reconstruction surgery. 

Thanks for the continued support- Sean, Mike, Kevin, Darryl, and Anthony.

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