Jan 212011

The Toe Touch Squat with Alternating Arm Reach is a mobility exercise that I really like. This is a progression to help correct a faulty deep squat pattern from the F.M.S as I originally saw it in one of Gray Cook’s publications. What I really like about it is that we can work hip mobility and then add in some thoracic extension which help our Deep Squat and Shoulder Mobility Screens.

I think it’s important to note that this is a different movement from the traditional back squat or front squat. While we may advocate some lumbar flexion in the mobility exercise, we will not allow it with our double leg strength exercises.

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  One Response to “Toe Touch Squat With Alternating Arm Reach”

  1. Great point about distinguishing between what’s acceptable as a “movement” and what’s acceptable as “exercise”. We don’t have a Reebok core board, so we’ll just use a med ball for people that can’t get all the way down to the ground.


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