Jun 112011

I just had an amazing experience presenting on In-Season Strength and Conditioning for Hockey at the annual Roger Neilson’s coaches clinic.  I was absolutely honored to be involved in this clinic.  I met some really nice people who are involved.  I hope to be a part of it again someday. 

Some have been asking how my preparation is going for the RKC.  I feel like it is going really well.  I am progressing nicely with building up the necessary volume of snatches while my strength and technique is improving on my swings.  However, what I have been struggling with is that my hands get pretty ripped up.  Most of the time, I don’t even know it until I put the kettlebell down after the last rep on my last set.  I think I now have figured it out though as I have been working with a pumice stone and an emery board to get my hands smoother. 

As for HockeySC.com, we have had some great content added during the past week.  The forum is busy as well with discussions on playoff training models, sled training, and having a strong stick on the ice. 

Here is what was added last week:

Kevin Neeld added Youth Hockey Program.  This is a good program that doesn’t require  any equipment.  I really like these programs because in reality, this is what youth coaches are faced with when designing programs for their players.  You can really accomplish a lot with minimal space and equipment. 

I added the Using The Get Up in Team Sports article which was posted here on my blog.  Check out my last post. 

Next up was the International Hockey Panel from the USA Hockey Symposium with Igor Larionov.  This is actually a webinar on youth hockey.  Igor Larionov gives his own perspective on the current state of youth hockey development. 

Last was Darryl Nelson’s  Beginner Phase 2 Offseason.  I really love the simplicity of Darryl’s programs.  This is totally what young athletes need- a program with the intention of getting stronger at the basic lifts.

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