Apr 202012

I hope everyone has had a great week.  Hopefully you have been able to watch some of the NHL playoffs.  I really can’t believe how many overtime games that there has been so far.  The Phoenix versus Chicago series alone has gone 4 games so far.   All 4 of them have gone to OT.

I really find it tough not to watch the playoffs even though we are out.  There is just something about watching hockey at this time of year as each team does everything that they possibly can to win the cup.

We have had some really good additions to HockeySC.com since my last update:

First up is Mike Potenza’s 8 Second Stiffness Jumps video of the week.  This is an interesting video that shoes Mike doing some really fast quick jumps for 8 seconds.  He uses them both as a plyometric exercise by themselves and as a complex between Olympic lifting sets.

Next up is my own 2011/2012 Core and Hip Program.  This is a circuit of exercises that we used this past season to help us strengthen the muscular structures in the hips and core to help us prevent injuries.  I am a big believer in being proactive when it comes to my athletes.  We will do what some people would do with injured athletes with our “healthy” athletes.

Next up is Darryl Nelson’s  4-Day Off-Season Program that Darryl has used in the past.  Like Darryl’s programs, mine are very similar when it comes to exercise order and selection.

Last is my own Should We Strengthen Our Toe Flexors article.  This is a piece that I have been putting together as I have been noticing some of the foot patterns in my athletes.  When I think of the importance of the toe flick in the final push off in skating, I think it is important that every player should be able to have toe flexors that are strong.

We have also had some good discussions on the forum such as changes to programs and strength and conditioning advice for a 13-year old.  Make sure you check out the forum when you log on.

Thanks for your continued support!


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