Feb 102012

I hope everyone has had a great week.  I am actually writing this post while flying from Orange County to Detroit.  The team is beginning an 8 game, 16 day road trip against Detroit.  It should be interesting as it is a long trip with very meaningful games.  Also, back in Boston, the first round of the beanpot was last Monday night.  It looks like it will be Boston College vs. Boston University for the championship next Monday night.  These are two great college hockey programs going at it.  Are we ever going to see a Harvard vs. Northeastern final?  I am hoping one of these years we will.

At HockeySc.com, we have had a good week of content additions.

First up is Kevin Neeld’s Directional Rolling.  This is a great piece that is very educational.  In this article Kevin talks about the importance of addressing locked-long and locked short muscles through self-myofacial release (SMR).  Kevin also talks about Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes, which I feel are keys to address on a daily basis.

Next up is Darryl Nelson’s Stretching and Warm Ups.  In this piece Darryl outlines some of the stretching and warm up protocols that he uses.

Last is Jeff Cubos’ NHL Concussions: Have Our Players “Outgrown” Our Sport? .  Jeff is a frequent contributor to the site and a very bright practitioner.  We are always posting articles from professionals other than me, Mike, Kevin, and Darryl.   This is a great article that really makes you think.  To me, it really makes sense.  Players have become bigger, faster, and stronger over the past decade or so.  However, the ice surface size has remained the same.  Jeff suggests a strategy to help combat the concussion issue.

That’s it for the week.  Don’t forget to check out the forum as we have had some good discussions going on there recently.



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