Nov 142012

I hope everyone is doing well.  I just got back from a really great weekend spent in Phoenix, AZ for the DNS-A course.  This was a great opportunity for me to finally get to this course as my usual day job schedule hasn’t allowed for me to attend in the past.  So, with the current work situation still taking place, I was able to go.  It was well worth the investment and time.

When I attend seminars, I must admit that I get really excited about applying some of my recently obtained knowledge as soon as I return with my athletes.  However, I now have to store the info and hopefully not have to wait long before I am able to use some of my new tools.  Get it done boys.

I do plan on writing a review on the course real soon.

As for what is going on at HockeySC, we have had some outstanding contributions since my last update.  I must say thank you to those who have taken part in our survey.  We are already implementing some of your suggestions.

Here is what is new at the site:


Cats and Cows by Brian Sipotz

NHL Lockout: Why Playing Overseas During the Stoppage is Beneficial to Players

Biomechanics Powers Ice Hockey Performance by Michael Bracko

Early Rehab for Anterior Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Injuries by Jeff Cubos


Kettlebell Pullover by me

1-Arm DB Clean by Darryl Nelson

T-Spine Warm Ups by Mike Potenza


Off-Season 2012 Core Progressions by me

A reminder, don’t forget to log onto and check out the forum.  We have had some great discussions recently including thoughts on Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats and Elite player game day routines.

We hope you enjoy the site.



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