May 042012

I hope everyone has had a good week.  For me personally, I am still in shut-down mode here as far training hockey players.  Also, I always tell myself that I won’t watch too much hockey, but I find myself watching most of the games with my son Will.  This year’s playoffs have been so hard not to watch.

As for, things are going pretty well.  We have had some great additions to the site since my last update:

First up is Slideboard Training Ideas by Mike Potenza.  In this article/program, Mike breaks down his slideboard conditioning very specifically.  Mike uses the number of foot contact on each side of the board and board length to measure and add volume to his conditioning program.  I like this.  However, we just go on the board for a certain amount of time.  Maybe I will look at this more.

Next up is Sport Specific Leg Press by Carrie Keil and Darryl Nelson.  In this video, the hockey players are using a sled on the ice while working on skating patterns.  The sled is called the Pavesled.  This is a really interesting video.  I really like resisted sled work in our acceleration/speed program, but have never really taken a close look at it on the ice.  This is a great post from Carrie and Darryl.

Last ups is Seated T-Spine Extension by me.  I am starting to use this one more as I recently learned this variation from Charlie Weingroff.  The key is getting the hips above 90 degrees and getting the elbows touching one another.  Our guys certainly “feel it” when they use it.

That’s it for now.  I am really looking forward to my trip to Germany next week followed by a trip back to Boston.  I hope to see some you!

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