Dec 102010

We had another great week here on With hockey season in full go, we hope that you continue to read and watch our content that at we are putting up on the site each and every week.

First up is Lateral Speed Drills: Ring Technique by Mike Potenza. Mike shows some good videos of his lateral speed progressions with the rings on the floor. It is primarily an off-season progression, but he will do it during the in-season phase. We have used this progression in the past as well. Good stuff from Mike.

Next is Kevin Neeld’s Preventing Shoulder Injuries During Pressing Exercises. In this piece, Kevin writes about some issues he may see with some of his athletes including short a short pec minor and/or rotator cuff instability. The video shows a brief activation exercise for the rotator cuff before pressing exercises. Good stuff from Kevin.

Last up is an example of a program that I have used called Lower Back Reconditioning Phase 5. This is a 3-day program where we actually backed off from a 4 day program with an emphasis on strength development to a more strength-endurance program. I do plan on writing an article on the whole process of the reconditioning process from this type of injury.

We hope you enjoy the site and will continue to log on and interact on the forum.


Sean, Anthony, Mike, Mike, and Kevin

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  1. Sean … thoughts on future articles towards how the hot bed of California JR hockey develops their hockey talent? Thanks Tim

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