May 202010

Even though it’s the off-season here in Anaheim, I am staying busy while working with a few of our players, continuing my education, and networking.

Based on some of my past blogs, I obviously view continuing my education as a very important aspect of my development as a strength and conditioning coach.  Another aspect that I think is important is networking.  Getting to know other coaches and trainers who may do a better job than me at something or getting to know a different perspective on things is important.  Last weekend and the next 3 weekends, I have plenty of opportunities for both education and networking.

Here is what I have been doing and will be doing:

1- May 15th– 11th Annual College of the Canyons Strength and Conditioning Clinic- I had the opportunity to speak at the 11th Annual College of the Canyons Strength and Conditioning Clinic last weekend.  I really had a blast giving my presentation and meeting most of the people there.  Robert Dos Remedios is a great coach and a great guy who did an unbelievable job organizing the clinic.  Stay tuned for a future of episode of “Snatches and Beer” which features Robert and I talking about training while enjoying a beer.  Good stuff.

2- May 22nd and 23rd– BSMPG Hockey and Basketball Conference- This weekend coming up, I have the opportunity to speak at the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group Hockey and Basketball Conference.  I am really psyched and honored to speak at it; as most of you know, Boston is where I consider home.  I am really looking forward to seeing some of the other talks including those by Matt Nichol (formerly of the Toronto Maple Leafs), Jack Blatherwick, Bill Hartman, and Mike Boyle.  It looks like an unbelievable lineup of speakers and will no doubt provide plenty of networking opportunities.

3- May 27th, 28th, and 29th – Annual NHL Scouting Combine- The following weekend, I will be in Toronto for the annual NHL scouting combine.  This is a great opportunity to catch up with most of my colleagues in the NHL.  We have a meeting scheduled where we will be having some speakers present to us including Mike Boyle and John Pallof.

4- June 4th, 5th, and 6th– Perform Better Functional Training Summit- The weekend after the combine is the Perform Better Summit in Providence, R.I.  I think I’ve been to the Summit each year since Perform Better started doing them.  In my opinion, these are the best continuing education options presently available.  It seems that Perform Better is always adding different speakers and concepts.  This is another great opportunity to interact and share ideas with other coaches and trainers.  Stay tuned for my preview of the Summit where I will outline who I am going to go see speak.

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