May 252010

This is a guest blog post from my wife Hillary.  She wrote this and posted it on her blog at

Do you find yourself standing in the fridge trying to decide what you should eat for lunch while your stomach growls “HURRY UP!”? Or, does the 3 o’clock hour roll around and you dive recklessly into the cupboard devouring anything in site? Unplanned binges or splurges can ruin your diet simply because you didn’t know what you were going to eat for your next meal. You didn’t plan for success.

As moms, we are always preparing our children for what is to come next in their day. We tell them if they are good in the store we will go to the park later. We persuade them to sit nicely at dinner and eat all their veggies so they can have dessert. We set them up for success and rewards. These same tactics need to be applied to ourselves.

I think the hardest group of women to keep on track diet wise is the stay at home mom or the woman who works from home. When you spend the majority of your day at home, it is so easy to think, “I will just eat when I am hungry, no need to plan.” This can be a diet wrecker. What typically happens is, hunger sets in and quickly becomes starvation mode. Poor choices are made and regretted later. Here are 5 rules to follow and use as your bible when it comes to nutrition.

Tips for successful eating:

1. Plan all your meals the night before even if you aren’t leaving the house the next day.

2. Tupperware is in your house for a reason, not just for leftovers. Put all your meals, except for dinner with your family, in those containers. Plan for Success and it will happen.

3. If the food isn’t in the Tupperware don’t eat it! It wasn’t planned.

4. Water- buy a Sigg or a Life Factory glass water bottle, keep it filled and on your counter. Don’t drink anything with more than 0 calories in it.

5. Get out of the kitchen. My grandmother use to say the kitchen was closed after meals. Adopt this phrase and don’t linger where temptation lurks. A handful of this or a handful of that can blow a diet.

Plain and simple, 5 tips to keep your diet on track. Break any bad habits now. We preach to our children all day long why they should or shouldn’t do something. I think all moms want their children to grow up and make good choices. It’s time for mom’s to make good choices, why should it stop when you become a mother? Believe what you teach and teach what you believe.

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