Jul 122010

Hey Everyone,
Hope you are doing well and having a great summer. We have been
busy adding a ton of content every week and we wanted to make
sure you are caught up with all of it.

Newest Videos:

Slide Board Progressions- Darryl Nelson:

Three Stage Hip Flexion Progression- Michael Boyle

Soft Tissue Work: Posterior Adductor Magnus- Kevin Neeld

Incorporating The Crossover Step In Speed Training For Hockey-
Sean Skahan

Also, we have posted Matt Nichol’s presentation “Energy Systems
Development for Ice Hockey” from “Second Annual Boston Hockey
Summit and Basketball Symposium”.
Check it out at:

If you want to get the Summit on DVD, including Sean Skahan’s
presentation, go to

Latest Articles:
Managing the End of a Hockey Season- Mike Potenza

Getting Your Athletes On Board Your Bus- Sean Skahan

Why Not Play on the Best Team?- Mike Boyle

Latest Programs:

Upper Body Injury Program- Sean Skahan

Off-Season Conditioning- Mike Potenza

Thanks again to all of you who have been participating on the
Coaches Forum. There have been some great discussions:

Hockey Speed vs. Foot Speed

Question about the DB Complex video

Slide Board Length Variations

If you have any questions, let us know.

Michael, Sean, Mike and Kevin

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  2 Responses to “New Content at HockeySC.com”

  1. Very interesting videos on slideboard progression. I like the idea of the cups of water in the hands to engage the core and solely work on leg drive, but I am unsure of the one leg pushes. What do you think. I will post something on the forum once I can think of an intelligent enough argument towards the video. Still have to think about the exercise drill. Thanks for the info hope camp went well.

  2. Don’t think I would do that with our guys on a longer board- too much time on 1 leg with a dead stop at the end. Maybe would consider a shorter board. Interesting though. Camp was great- Thanks.

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