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I wanted to add this as part of my blog on a weekly basis.  The site is really going well.  Although I am definitely in full in-season mode right now, I make it a priority to log on to on a daily basis.  We now have tons of content as we are getting some awesome contributions from some really bright people.  I really like the direction that the site is going. 

In addition to the articles, videos, and programs that are going up on a weekly basis, the forum is very active.  There are some great discussions going on such as the on-ice beep test, orthotics in skates, and a very important issue- concussions.  Definitely log on and check out the forum.

Here is what we had this past week:

Mike Potenza’s “More Dryland Skating Exercises” is another awesome addition to our expanding video collection.  These are some great drills that Mike uses with his players in the off-season and with injured players in-season.  Check it out here- More Dryland Skating Exercises.

Up next was “Pre-Game Warm Up” by myself.  In this program, I outline a quick pre-game warm up that I do with some of our players prior to the start of the game.  Check it out here- Pre-Game Warm Up.

Devan McConnell’s “RFE Progressions” shows a great progression for the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat.  Devan has some success with younger athletes using this progression.  Check it out here- RFE Progressions

Last, but not least, Jaime Rodriguez wrote up a great piece called “VO2 Testing”.  In this article, Jaime gives his insights and thoughts on VO2 testing.  Check it out here- VO2 Testing. 

Thanks for the continued support! 

 Sean, Mike, Mike, Anthony, and Kevin.

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