Sep 302011

I hope everyone is doing great.  We are wrapping up our pre-season with our last game tonight before we take off tomorrow for a 14 hour flight to Finland.  We will be opening up our season there next weekend.  Although we will be there with the main purpose of winning hockey games, I plan on checking out some of the sights and sounds of Helsinki.  This will be my second trip overseas in the last 4 years.  Believe me, this is something that I do not take for granted.  It is unbleivable that I get to take part in trips to places like London and now Finland.

As for, we have had some great content added this week.

First up is Mike Potenza’s Complex Training.  Mike shows 3 different version of complexes that he uses with his players during the pre-season and in-season phases.  We will use complexes during the pre-season phase as well.  Like Mike, we will also use versions of the Javorek complex.

Next up is Kevin Neeld’s In-Season Youth Training program.  This is a series of videos of some good things being done with some young hockey players.  Really good stuff here from Kevin.

Darryl Nelson’s book review: Spark by John Ratey was up next.  Darryl provides a brief review on this book.  The review talks about the importance of physical exercise, expecially for young kids.

Last is my Goblet Squat video.  This is a video of a Goblet Squat.  This was another exercise that I got to fine-tune at the RKC.  It also helped that my team leader was Dan John, who I believe founded the Goblet Squat (Do not quote me on that).  Dan showed us some good coaching cues that work.  The results have been great as I have seen all of our Goblet Squats look consistent.

Thanks for your continued support!

Sean Skahan

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