Oct 142011

I hope everyone is doing great.  Hockey season is now officially under way.  It is amazing how fast a week goes by once the regular season starts.

We have added some really good content this past week including some from new contributors.

Here is what we have added at HockeySC since my last update:

First up was Kevin Neeld’s 2-Day In-Season Training Program Phase 1.  This is an in season program that Kevin is using with 16-18 year olds.  I like this program.  It is very similar to a 2-day in-season program that I am currently using with a 15 and under team.

Next was Managing Injury Through Manual Therapies by Eric Renaghan.  This is an interesting article that talks about pain management at the onset of injury.  In this article, Eric talks about what he recommends when an injury occurs.  Hopefully we will see more of Eric on the site.  This is a good article.

The video of the week is Darryl Nelson’s Farmer’s Carry Lateral Squats.  This is a different version of lateral squats that I haven’t seen before.  I like how the load is centrally located.  Good stuff from Darryl.

Next up is Anthony Donskov’s The Case for Direct Cuff Training in Contact Sports.  Anthony is a new addition to the site.  I have read several of his articles on Strengthcoach.com.  He is an excellent writer and strength and conditioning coach.  I look forward to seeing more of Anthony’s content on the site.

Kevin Neeld posted Youth Hockey Training Blueprint: Part 1.  This is a great first part of what looks like will be a great series of articles.  Kevin outlines what he has to work with with a local tier hockey program.  It is amazing what can be done with minimum equipment.

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