Dec 202011

I hope everyone is doing well, especially with the holiday season amongst us.

We have had some more great content additions at

First up is Kevin Neeld’s 2-Day In- season Training Program phase 3. This is a continuation of the previous 2 phases that Kevin has posted. I like how Kevin sets up his workouts with adding in some corrective exercises and progressions that almost hockey players surely need at some point.

Next up is Mike Potenza’s In-Season Workout: Rate of Force Development. This is a 3-day program that includes core training, Olympic lifting, strength, plyo’s, and assistive movements assuming that there are no restrictions. This looks like a solid, 3-day program. Looking at this, this would be a program that Mike would use with guys who don’t play as much.

Next up is Eric Renaghan’s The Joseph Pilates Method: Contology. This article gives a brief history on Joseph Pilates and his methods. What I really like about this article is that there are some exercises provided which don’t require any special equipment.  Really educational piece from Eric.

Up next is the first ever HockeyStrengthandConditioning Podcast episode 1. In this first ever episode, Anthony interviews Mike Potenza of the San Jose Sharks. In this interview, Mike talks about his approach to strength and conditioning at this time of year for his team. I am really excited about this new feature on the site. This kind of content is really what makes Anthony really good at what he does. Look for more episodes in the future.

Last is a video of How Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain. This is a really interesting educational video. It is more like an entertaining chemistry lesson. You may need to watch this more than 2 times or so. What it looks at is the levels of acidity and alkaline and how much is included in nutrients and where they are on the scale. This is really interesting and is honestly a little over my head which is why I need to watch again.

Look for an announcement for the release of my 2 new products that will be available soon on my blog. You will be able to purchase them right here through a PayPal account. I can tell you that I created 2 DVD’s that were made based on my thoughts and experience from coaching thousands of high level athletes including hundreds of hockey players.  You will not be disappointed.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a great holiday season!


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