Dec 092011

Hi everyone who reads this.  I hope you are all doing great.  I want to update what’s happening at

First, the founder of the StrengthCoach Podcast, Anthony Renna, suggested that we do a podcast once per month.  I really think that this will be fantastic.  If you don’t know what the StrengthCoach podcast is, you need to give a few episodes a listen or two.  In fact, I would somehow find a way to listen to them all.  I think Anthony has done an unbelievable job with the podcast and has made it one of the best resources for continuing education.  What Anthony does is he provides an actual show of him interviewing some of the best people in the industry.  What we are hoping to do at our site is a monthly podcast with some of the best hockey strength and conditioning people in the world.  Look out for this soon.

Recently at, we have had 3 quality content additions since my last update:

First up is Rotary Power Demands for Hockey by Anthony Donskov.  In this article, Anthony does a great job of breaking down the hockey shot.  Most importantly, what Anthony does is break down what he does off-ice to help with rotary training for hockey.  I like articles like this where you pick up a little thing to tweak in your program.  Anthony’s articles and ideas have been a great addition to our site.

Next up is Darryl’s My Favorite Set and Repetition Schemes.  I love programming articles.  The reason is that I like reading why coaches do certain things.  In this article, Darryl takes a look his favorite set and rep schemes that he uses with the players in the national program.  Darryl talks about straight sets, wave loading, descending sets, and clusters.  This is great info from Darryl.

Last and just posted today is my 1-Arm Kettlebell Press Progression.  In this series of videos, I show how we progress or 1-arm kettlebell pressing.  It is pretty simple, but an exercise where I want our guys to master each position before progressing to the next one.  Sometimes I am guilty of thinking “maybe we can get away from this doing this progression or that one”.  However, I think mastering basic positions adds to a better foundation as move along.  It is amazing how much I think some of the basic regressions are actually simple and sometimes better.

That’s it for the week.  Don’t forget to check out the forum as we have had some good discussions including ones on Grit, Youth hockey practice times, and 1-leg Cleans.

Thanks for your support- Sean

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