Apr 062012

I hope everyone is doing well.  I am currently writing this post in my hotel room in Calgary.  This is where we will finish off our season tomorrow against the Flames.  For those of you that follow our team, there is no question that our place in the standings and not making the playoffs is a huge disappointment.  Our start to the season wasn’t the way that we wanted it to go, but it is important to note that since the beginning of 2012, we have been one of the best teams in the league.  Moving forward as a team, we have to build on our strong second half of the season.  Most importantly right now is to finish off strong tomorrow and get a solid off-season of training from each player in our organization.

As for what’s going on at HockeySC, we have some great contributions at the site since my last update:

First up is Darryl’s Stagger Stance Lateral Squat video of the week.  This is an interesting variation of a lateral squat.  I would be interested in knowing if Darryl uses it as a warm up, a strength exercise, or both.

Next ups is Eric Renaghan’s Stiff isn’t Always Bad article.  In this piece, Eric talks about muscle stiffness and where and how it is provided in movement.  He also talks about how he uses the body blade and light medicine balls in the role of creating stiffness at the shoulder joint.  This is an excellent article that may actually convince me to use my body blade more with our players who have shoulder issues.

Next up is Kevin Neeld’s Training Overhaul: Making the Transition from Old School to Current Principles without Pissing off the Coach! (Part 1) article.  This is a real interesting piece that was well written.  I think what this article does is present the reality that lots of strength and conditioning coaches in hockey face.  Kevin gives some great ideas on the educational process from strength and conditioning professionals to sport coaches.  I look forward to reading part 2.

Last is episode 5 of the HockeyStrength Podcast.  In this episode, Anthony and I discuss my topic for the upcoming BSMPG seminar- Injury Prevention Strategies for Hockey.

That’s it for new content additions this week.  Please remember to check out the forum when you log on.  There are some interesting discussions going on about the forward stride in hockey, game day nutrition, and the concept of measuring hand grip strength.

Also, if you aren’t a member yet, you have 2 days to take advantage of our $1 per day for 7 days, and then $9.95 per month each month after.  We are raising the price after 2 days.  So please take advantage if you would like to access the best hockey strength and conditioning information on the internet.

Thanks and Happy Easter!


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