Mar 302012

It’s been a few weeks since my last update for on what’s going on at  During that time, we have had some excellent contributions.  Before we get into the content, I want to give readers who aren’t members a quick reminder that you can still sign up for $1 per day for 7 days.  After that it is $9.95 per month.  In 9 days, we are going to raise the price.  So, if you are a hockey strength and conditioning coach, coach, trainer, player, or a parent of a player(s) and you aren’t a member now, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the current offer while it lasts.  There is so much content currently on the site with 2-4 pieces being added weekly that this is a very reasonable price.

Here is what we have added over the past few weeks:

Goaltender Specific Strength and Conditioning by Darryl Nelson.  In this article, Darryl explains his philosophy on goaltender strength and conditioning.  Darryl’s philosophies on goaltending training are pretty similar to my thoughts.

Ball Squeezes by myself,  is a video of a groin/adductor ball squeeze routine that I incorporate with players who have sustained a groin injury and for the prevention of groin injuries.  This is a pretty simple video of 2 exercises that have been very beneficial over the years for the prevention and care of groin/adductor injuries.

Next up is Off-Season Conditioning 4-Day by Mike Potenza.  When I look at what it costs to join our site and weigh the benefits of being a member, I think of how high of value that this piece is.  This is pretty much the entire off-season conditioning program that Mike uses with his players.  Like most of Mikes’ information, I agree with it.  This is definitely a must-read.

Level 1 Training Program Phase 1 by Kevin Neeld.  This is a good 2-day program that Kevin has used with his youth players in phase 1.  This is a good timely piece as the off-season will be starting soon for many hockey players across the world.  This is a good program to start with if you only have 2 days per week.

The Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 4 is up next.  Anthony Renna has done and continues to do an unbelievable job with the Strengthcoach Podcast and with the Hockey Strength Podcast.  In this episode, Anthony talks to Northeastern Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Boothby about the upcoming BSMPG seminar and his talk topic.  Dan is a great guy who has done a real good job of helping the BSMPG annual seminar become one of the best seminars for hockey performance information.  Like I said in a previous blog post, I am honored to be a part of this again.

If you are a current member, don’t forget to check out the forum.  There are always great discussions going on and it is also a great place to drop a question.  We are always logging in and checking.



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