Jun 292012

I can’t believe that it is almost July.  For any Strength and Conditioning Coach who works with hockey players in the off season, the summer months are a busy time and the best time to make an impact with our players.  I love this time of the year because this is when it is just the Strength and Conditioning Coach/staff and the players.  No games or practices; just strength and conditioning sessions.

Before I get into what was recently posted on HockeySC.com, I want to post some of the comments that were made by Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf in regards to playing different sports at a young age. This was originally posted on Ducks.NHl.com.  He is a guy that I have been honored to work with over the last 9 years.  He also happens to be a really good hockey player who has won championships at every level he has played at.

On Ryan Getzlaf playing baseball as a kid:

“Growing up, I always believed in playing different sports, and so did my family. We didn’t want to focus on one thing. I played baseball, volleyball, football and all that stuff. As you get older, you kind of have to pick a route and that’s when I leaned toward hockey. “

“I was very involved and I loved baseball. I loved being outside. I was a catcher, so I got to be in control a little bit, which is a good thing for me. I loved football, but I think I was better at baseball.”

Recently at HockeySc, we have had some great contributions:

New Article:

Defensemen Specific Speed by me.


Phase 1 Sprinting Variations by Kevin Neeld

Hip Extension Holds by Mike Potenza


Off-Season 2012 Phase 2 Strength Training by me

3-Day Off-Season Program by Darryl Nelson

On the forum, we have some interesting discussions going on about FMS and Y-Balance tests, Crossfit workouts for elite players, and a post on programming questions.  Please check out the forum the next time that you log on.

That’s it for now.



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