Oct 122012

I hope everyone is doing well.  The weather is actually starting to get a little cooler here in SoCal indicating fall is here (I guess, because it is still in the 70’s-80’s).  I’m doing my best to stay busy between being a dad and husband, reading, writing, and training myself.  It’s been lots of fun watching Will at his practices and games as I know that those are moments that I wouldn’t be able to do usually at this time of year.

It’s been a while since my last update as to what is going on at HockeySC.  As usual, we have had some great contributions:


Youth Training Program: Olympic Lifting Teaching Exercises by Mike Potenza

My Experience Working with New Players by Darryl Nelson

This is Russia by Eric Renaghan

Communication: The Key to In-Season Training by Rob Mclean

Revisiting the FMS with Teams by me


Phase 4 Acceleration Drills by me

Side Plank with Hip Abduction by Kevin Neeld

Barbell Split Squat by Darryl Nelson

5-Jump Eval Test by Mike Potenza

Reactive Jumping/Plyometric Exercises by Kevin Neeld


Final Off-Season Movement Phase by Mike Potenza

5-Day Off-Season Training Program- Phase 4 by Kevin Neeld

Phase 5 Off-Season Strength Training by me

Obviously, that is a lot of content in a 1-month period.  We hope you like it.

In addition to all of the content that we have, we also have a great discussion forum going.  If you aren’t a member yet, you can check it out for $1 day for 7 days.  You won’t be disappointed.



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