Oct 212011

We had another good week here at HockeySC.com.

Here is what we have added at HockeySC since my last update:

First up was Mike Potenza’s Frontal Plane Core Exercises.  This is the video of the week from last week.  In this video, Mike shows 3 good frontal plane core exercises that he uses with medicine balls and dumbbells.

Next up was my own Off-Season 2011, Phase 2 Strength Training program.  This is what I used this past summer with my hockey players.  This phase is highlighted by complex training methods where we are pairing strength exercises with explosive exercises.  I’ve actually been programming this phase for the last 4-5 off-seasons.  I see absolutely no reason why to change this.  I really like our results from this phase.

We re-posted the 1962 training camp letter from the Toronto Maple Leafs.  This is an actual letter from the Toronto Maple Leafs to a player during the off-season that has been copied and circulating around for a while now.  It is amazing how far we have come, but yet, this shows that players were required to come into camp in ok shape.  This is a must-read.  I’ve actually posted this on the wall in my weight room for all of our players to see and get a laugh.

The video of the week is Darryl Nelson’s Mini Bands.  Darryl shows us some really good exercises to use with the mini bands.  I really like the upper body drills.  I am guilty sometimes of thinking that the mini bands are just for the legs.  Great practical video from Darryl here.

Our Youth Training video is the Reach Roll and Lift by Kevin Neeld.  This is actually a terrific exercise that I have gotten away from.  It is still one of the best lower trap exercises.   I think a lot of people would benefit from this one- not just hockey players.  Great post from Kevin.

That is it for the week.  If you haven’t noticed, there have been 3-4 content additions every week recently at Hockeysc.com.  As a staff, we are doing our best to make this the best hockey strength and conditioning site.  It is amazing to look at how much information is on the site.  If you aren’t a member, you can try it for 7 days for just 1$ per day.

Have a great weekend!

Oct 172011

Today’s Lift in San Jose-

All with 1- 24k kettlebell

1-arm press- 5x3ea. arm pair with
Pull up- 5×1. (No pull up bar available, used under the stadium stairs)

Snatches- 5+5ea. arm at start of every minute x 20 minutes= 200. HR was 167 after 200

Light day for the presses and pull ups. Nice to get a high volume snatch workout in again.

Oct 142011

I hope everyone is doing great.  Hockey season is now officially under way.  It is amazing how fast a week goes by once the regular season starts.

We have added some really good content this past week including some from new contributors.

Here is what we have added at HockeySC since my last update:

First up was Kevin Neeld’s 2-Day In-Season Training Program Phase 1.  This is an in season program that Kevin is using with 16-18 year olds.  I like this program.  It is very similar to a 2-day in-season program that I am currently using with a 15 and under team.

Next was Managing Injury Through Manual Therapies by Eric Renaghan.  This is an interesting article that talks about pain management at the onset of injury.  In this article, Eric talks about what he recommends when an injury occurs.  Hopefully we will see more of Eric on the site.  This is a good article.

The video of the week is Darryl Nelson’s Farmer’s Carry Lateral Squats.  This is a different version of lateral squats that I haven’t seen before.  I like how the load is centrally located.  Good stuff from Darryl.

Next up is Anthony Donskov’s The Case for Direct Cuff Training in Contact Sports.  Anthony is a new addition to the site.  I have read several of his articles on Strengthcoach.com.  He is an excellent writer and strength and conditioning coach.  I look forward to seeing more of Anthony’s content on the site.

Kevin Neeld posted Youth Hockey Training Blueprint: Part 1.  This is a great first part of what looks like will be a great series of articles.  Kevin outlines what he has to work with with a local tier hockey program.  It is amazing what can be done with minimum equipment.

Oct 102011

I generally don’t promote products on this blog.  The reason being is that I feel most of the information products out there are not any good. A product has to be top notch for me to recommend it. I wouldn’t promote something that I personally wouldn’t use myself or with my athletes. I don’t typically get caught up in the continual hamster wheel or product promotion that this industry tends to put out.

During a recent visit with my friend and Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Nichol, we discussed internet experts and how there is an abundance of them. Internet experts who are putting out material based on what? Their overwhelming experience that has drawn results huge enough to share via a book or dvd?

What is important to me when I am deciding to purchase a product or not is the product creator’s credibility. Ask yourself who does this person train?  I feel that there are strength and conditioning coaches or trainers out there who don’t train anyone. Or, they try to give the impression that they train “thousands of athletes” when really it is just a handful of clients.  Also, how long have they been doing what they are writing about?   These are legit questions to ask yourself before you purchase a product.  Back to my friend and colleague, Matt, he happens to be one of the best hockey strength and conditioning coaches on the planet and has walked the walk for years.  He is someone who I would buy any info product from.

Now, I am not going to lie.  I plan on producing and eventually selling 2 separate DVD’s and a book.  These are projects that I have been working on during the last few months (over a year for the book).  I will launch them on the internet and hopefully have people who would like to promote it- if it is good enough.   My credibility will then be judged before it is purchased and I am ok with that.

Easy Strength

One product that I came across and bought once it was launched is Easy Strength by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline .  I downloaded it to my Ipad and read some of it on a recent 13 hour flight from Sweden to Los Angeles.  Simply put, this book is a must-have for any Strength and Conditioning Coach.  To me, this is the best Strength and Conditioning book published since Mike Boyle’s Advances in Functional Training: Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes.  You will not be disappointed with Easy Strength as you will see why I have become such big fans of these gentlemen’s’ work.

Oct 052011

I just finished a good training session here in Helsinki, Finland where it is 6:30pm.  Thank you to my friend Joni Listola for his recommendation for the gym to train at.

The trip has been great so far as we played an exhibition game last night against the local Finish elite league team- Jokerit. It was great to see former Boston College Hockey player and athlete who I worked with, Ben Eaves play against us last night.  He played well as he had a goal and an assist against us.  The season starts for real on Friday against the NY Rangers.

Here was my workout-

1-arm KB Press with a 32k (Although I am currently using a 28k in my training back home, I had to make do with what they had) – 5 rounds of one set of a single and one set of a double on each arm paired with one set of
a 1 and one set of 2 of pull ups with a 5k plate attached.

Then I finished off with 6 sets of 30 Swings with a 32k Kettlebell.

That was it.