Jan 202012

We had another good week at HockeySC.com

First up we had the second episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast.  In episode 2, Anthony speaks with Darryl Nelson of the U.S. National development program team.  This is a great interview as it gives some insights into what Darryl does on a daily basis.  Darryl also discusses some of his recent articles that he has posted.  You can listen to this at Hockey Strength Podcast.

Next up is Kevin Neeld’s 2-Day In-Season Training Program Phase 4.  This is a good 2 day program that is very detailed in what Kevin’s athletes are doing in the weight room.  With the accumulation of fatigue due to the amount of games and practices, Kevin backs off on volume a little bit, but still gets some quality strength work in.

Up next is another contribution from Kevin, Youth Hockey Training Program Phase 2.  In this group of videos, Kevin highlights some of the exercises that he is using.  There are some good speed and change of direction exercises in this group of videos.

Last up is Mike Potenza’s Establishing a Foundation: Leg Strength for Young Goaltenders.  This is a good article which gives an excellent progression for a goaltender (or anyone else) to establish the proper foundation of squatting and then progressing to other single leg variations.  This is a really good piece.

On the forum, we have some good discussions going on such as low back pain in females and conditioning tools.  Make sure you check out the forum when you log on.

We believe that this site is the best resource in hockey strength and conditioning on the internet.  You will not find anywhere else where you can get access to all of the programs and ideas that some of the best in hockey are currently doing with their players.  If you’re not a member, you can try it out for 1 dollar.  You will not be disappointed.



Dec 222011

I am really excited to announce that I have 2 DVDs for sale on the site.  These have been 2 projects that I have been working on over the last 2-3 months during my somewhat free time.  I really think that they will benefit any strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer, especially those who work with hockey players.


The first one is Kettlebell Lifting For Hockey.  This one was made because I really feel that that there is often misguided information on kettlebell techniques and exercise selection for hockey players today.   Since I have been using kettlebells with my athletes for over the last 3 years or so, I felt that producing this DVD would be beneficial to anyone who wants to use Kettlebells with their players succefully.


I had an article about Kettlebells and hockey that was recently published on the DragonDoor.com website.  You can check it out here- Using Kettlebells in Professional Hockey.


My 2nd DVD, Sllideboard Training For Hockey, was made in collaboration with Barry Slotnick from UltraSlide.  Like the Kettlebell DVD, I am truly honored to produce a DVD that talks about another tool that I frequently use with my athletes.  The slideboard is a versatile tool that can be used for many different strength exercises and progressions as well as a lateral conditioning tool.  In this DVD, we talk about how and why we use the UltraSlide slideboard.

I hope you like them!

Nov 052011

I realize that it has been a while since my last post. The reality is that we have been on a 2 week road trip that has consisted of 7 different cities. No complaining here as it is what it is.

One thing that I make sure that is taken care of before we head out is to make sure that we have adequate training equipment available. Not only for my athletes, but also for myself.

Personally, I have been getting in some great training sessions and not missing a beat on this trip. Thanks to the help from plenty of friends and colleagues, I was able to keep my training going just like I would at home. Today however, I was challenged as all I had available to me was a 16k kettlebell. In all honesty, I am not a fan of just wininging it and doing something different than what I am supposed to do on a given day. Sometimes you have to make sure you make due with what you have.

Here is what I came up with with a little idea from Dan John:

Movement prep/joint mobility

Each of the following done for 1 rep each x 3 sets:
Get up Tri Set with
1-Leg squat
And 1-Arm Push up with hand elevated (locker room bench)

3 exercises done in a row in decending sets- (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
Snatch (EA. Arm)
Goblet squat
Push Up

Oct 172011

Today’s Lift in San Jose-

All with 1- 24k kettlebell

1-arm press- 5x3ea. arm pair with
Pull up- 5×1. (No pull up bar available, used under the stadium stairs)

Snatches- 5+5ea. arm at start of every minute x 20 minutes= 200. HR was 167 after 200

Light day for the presses and pull ups. Nice to get a high volume snatch workout in again.

Sep 302011

I hope everyone is doing great.  We are wrapping up our pre-season with our last game tonight before we take off tomorrow for a 14 hour flight to Finland.  We will be opening up our season there next weekend.  Although we will be there with the main purpose of winning hockey games, I plan on checking out some of the sights and sounds of Helsinki.  This will be my second trip overseas in the last 4 years.  Believe me, this is something that I do not take for granted.  It is unbleivable that I get to take part in trips to places like London and now Finland.

As for HockeySC.com, we have had some great content added this week.

First up is Mike Potenza’s Complex Training.  Mike shows 3 different version of complexes that he uses with his players during the pre-season and in-season phases.  We will use complexes during the pre-season phase as well.  Like Mike, we will also use versions of the Javorek complex.

Next up is Kevin Neeld’s In-Season Youth Training program.  This is a series of videos of some good things being done with some young hockey players.  Really good stuff here from Kevin.

Darryl Nelson’s book review: Spark by John Ratey was up next.  Darryl provides a brief review on this book.  The review talks about the importance of physical exercise, expecially for young kids.

Last is my Goblet Squat video.  This is a video of a Goblet Squat.  This was another exercise that I got to fine-tune at the RKC.  It also helped that my team leader was Dan John, who I believe founded the Goblet Squat (Do not quote me on that).  Dan showed us some good coaching cues that work.  The results have been great as I have seen all of our Goblet Squats look consistent.

Thanks for your continued support!

Sean Skahan

Sep 052011

Now that the RKC has been in the rearview mirror for a few weeks, I thought I might have wanted to change gears a little bit and train differently.  I really don’t.  For now, I may be hooked onto kettlebells for my own training.  Like I said in recent posts, I was really impressed with the RKC system.  I can honestly see myself trying to achieve RKC level 2 in the future.

Through my training for the RKC, I was able to feel really good.  I felt strong, mobile, and lean.  I don’t know if you can actually “feel lean”, but the bathroom mirror was certainly helping my case as I definitely dropped a
few pounds during the summer.

So what now?  After I took a few days off, I decided that I was going to continue what I was doing in preparation for the RKC.  Honestly, I really want to do 200 snatches in 10 minutes and press a 44k (kettlebell nearest to half of my body weight).  These are the goals of the Rite of Passage Program in the Enter the Kettlebell book by Pavel.

Enter The Kettlebell

Some may think “Why would I want to do all of those snatches again?” I want to because 200 reps in 10 minutes is now the goal.  Also, the conditioning effect from 12 minutes of snatches beats a half hour on the bike any day for me.

This program definitely worked in preparation for the RKC as I definitely felt that my pressing and pull up strength improved greatly over the summer. I started the summer pressing a 24k for 5 and by the time that the
RKC rolled around, I was doing 5 sets of 5 with the 24k.  At the RKC, I pressed a 36k pretty easy which was a PR for me as I had only done a 32k for 2 before.  I honestly think I could have gotten the 40k if we had a few more minutes to test.  Now I am starting over with a 28k.

What I like about this program, besides the fact that I really got stronger, is that it is pretty simple to follow.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I will be doing 1 arm KB presses and Pull Ups.  On Mondays, I will also be doing snatches for conditioning while Wednesdays and Fridays will be swings for conditioning.  Thursdays will be double kettlebell cleans, Swings, and Snatches.  Mondays are a low volume day, Wednesday is medium, and Friday is high volume.

These workouts can take me less than 45 minutes to complete with a quick warm up consisting of foam rolling, stretching, T-spine mobilization, and some Goblet Squats.  This is great considering the fact that my schedule is going to get crazy here real soon with the pre-season and regular season starting.

Jul 292011

I hope everyone has had a good week.  For me, I have back to back Saturday and Sunday games this weekend.  I am taking the weekend off from Kettlebells so I can be fresh for both games.  Proper nutrition and hydration principleswill be important Saturday night!

We have had another good week of excellent content additions
at HockeySC.com.

Youth Core Training Program Phase 1 by Mike Potenza- A good core program for a youth player or any player for that matter.   I really like how Mike breaks up his progressions and I like the choice of exercises here.  These can be used both off-season and in-season.


Summer Program Phase 3 by Darryl Nelson- I really like Darryl’s programs because of the simplicity of them.  Proper, basic exercise selection with adherence to good technique is all you need. One of our players is working with Darryl again this summer and judging by how the individual did last season for us, this is a really good program.


Friesen Physio Fitness Summit- Our good friend Pete Friesen is having his annual Physio Fitness Summit.  I really wish I could attend this.
Check it out here- Friesen Physio Fitness Summit.


It’s All About Durability by Sean- This is an article that I
put together on the importance of durability. It may mean different aspects for some, but it is an important component for a teams’ success.


Sled and Sprint Contrast by Sean- This is the video of the week.  In these videos, I show what we are doing right now for our speed training. I really like the addition of the sleds to the speed program this summer.  This is a variation of training that we are doing with our athletes.


Thanks for your continued support!


Sean, Mike, Anthony, and Darryl

Jul 122011

I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the summer. I am actually typing this on my parents back deck here on a humid night in Quincy, Ma. I have been out of the loop for a little while here at my blog. During the week of June 29th- July 6th, I was heavily busy with our annual prospect camp. We had a great week of coaching and educating our young players on our strength and conditioning program. I really enjoy these weeks because it really is a young prospect’s first exposure to professional hockey and their new respective team.

After the prospect camp, my family and I were on a plane heading to Boston for my sister Marybeth’s wedding. While we were there for the wedding, we also got to spend some time with family and friends. For training, Hillary and I got some good workouts in at the Boston Sports Club in Weymouth where I was able to use their kettlebells and continue my training for RKC which is now 5 weeks away. Hillary was able to get her own lifts in and at the same time, get plenty of different looks from the females on the elliptical trainers and treadmills doing their low intensity cardio.

While I was home, I also got to visit with Mike Boyle at MBSC in Woburn. What I really enjoy about my visits with Mike is that I always pick up something new that I can use immediately with my athletes. This time around, I got to see the 1-leg deadlift being performed by the athletes. This is another simple, yet effective exercise that definitely looks like a hybrid between a 1-leg deadlift and a 1-leg squat. Something I can see in the program real soon. After I observed the pro and youth athletes train, I was able to get in my own workout in. It was my first time I was at MBSC. I was really impressed with the facility and the flow of the workouts that were going on. Perfect technique across the board combined with hard work was what really stood out.

After my visit to MBSC, it was then off to the Boston University weightroom to visit with Glenn Harris. Glenn is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at BU and does a really good job. The weightroom has recently undergone an expansion which makes it look unbelievable. Check out Glenn’s blog at GameFitPerformance.

All in all, another good trip back home.

Jan 042011

Thanks to all of the readers of the blog during 2010. The more people who read it inspire me to post more articles and videos. I look forward to posting much more content in 2011.

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