Jul 292011

I hope everyone has had a good week.  For me, I have back to back Saturday and Sunday games this weekend.  I am taking the weekend off from Kettlebells so I can be fresh for both games.  Proper nutrition and hydration principleswill be important Saturday night!

We have had another good week of excellent content additions
at HockeySC.com.

Youth Core Training Program Phase 1 by Mike Potenza- A good core program for a youth player or any player for that matter.   I really like how Mike breaks up his progressions and I like the choice of exercises here.  These can be used both off-season and in-season.


Summer Program Phase 3 by Darryl Nelson- I really like Darryl’s programs because of the simplicity of them.  Proper, basic exercise selection with adherence to good technique is all you need. One of our players is working with Darryl again this summer and judging by how the individual did last season for us, this is a really good program.


Friesen Physio Fitness Summit- Our good friend Pete Friesen is having his annual Physio Fitness Summit.  I really wish I could attend this.
Check it out here- Friesen Physio Fitness Summit.


It’s All About Durability by Sean- This is an article that I
put together on the importance of durability. It may mean different aspects for some, but it is an important component for a teams’ success.


Sled and Sprint Contrast by Sean- This is the video of the week.  In these videos, I show what we are doing right now for our speed training. I really like the addition of the sleds to the speed program this summer.  This is a variation of training that we are doing with our athletes.


Thanks for your continued support!


Sean, Mike, Anthony, and Darryl

Jul 122011

I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the summer. I am actually typing this on my parents back deck here on a humid night in Quincy, Ma. I have been out of the loop for a little while here at my blog. During the week of June 29th- July 6th, I was heavily busy with our annual prospect camp. We had a great week of coaching and educating our young players on our strength and conditioning program. I really enjoy these weeks because it really is a young prospect’s first exposure to professional hockey and their new respective team.

After the prospect camp, my family and I were on a plane heading to Boston for my sister Marybeth’s wedding. While we were there for the wedding, we also got to spend some time with family and friends. For training, Hillary and I got some good workouts in at the Boston Sports Club in Weymouth where I was able to use their kettlebells and continue my training for RKC which is now 5 weeks away. Hillary was able to get her own lifts in and at the same time, get plenty of different looks from the females on the elliptical trainers and treadmills doing their low intensity cardio.

While I was home, I also got to visit with Mike Boyle at MBSC in Woburn. What I really enjoy about my visits with Mike is that I always pick up something new that I can use immediately with my athletes. This time around, I got to see the 1-leg deadlift being performed by the athletes. This is another simple, yet effective exercise that definitely looks like a hybrid between a 1-leg deadlift and a 1-leg squat. Something I can see in the program real soon. After I observed the pro and youth athletes train, I was able to get in my own workout in. It was my first time I was at MBSC. I was really impressed with the facility and the flow of the workouts that were going on. Perfect technique across the board combined with hard work was what really stood out.

After my visit to MBSC, it was then off to the Boston University weightroom to visit with Glenn Harris. Glenn is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at BU and does a really good job. The weightroom has recently undergone an expansion which makes it look unbelievable. Check out Glenn’s blog at GameFitPerformance.

All in all, another good trip back home.

Jan 042011

Thanks to all of the readers of the blog during 2010. The more people who read it inspire me to post more articles and videos. I look forward to posting much more content in 2011.

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Dec 222010

I know its been a few days since my last post. I’ve been on the road the past 8 days with the team as we have made some stops in Washington, DC, New York, North Carolina, Boston, and now finishing up in Buffalo. It has been a long trip and I am looking forward to heading home to see Hillary and Will and spend some quality time with them over the Christmas break.

One thing that I do and look forward to doing on these long road trips is networking. During this trip I got to meet up with several friends in the strength and conditioning field including Rob Harris, Mark Nemish, Anthony Renna, and Pete Friesen. All great people who I always learn from. It is always great to connect in person with people.

Also, you probably notice that there has been some changes made to the site here. Kevin Neeld did a great job with this as I think it looks much nicer and it is actually easier to use.

I want to take this chance to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who visit the blog. I look forward to providing much more content in 2011.

Thanks again- Sean Skahan

Apr 282010

The 2009-2010 season ended for us less than 3 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make the playoffs.  This isn’t something that we are not used to around here.  It is amazing how you go from working 6-7 days per week for over 7 months during the season, and then the season ends just like that.  The daily routine of going into work for practices, workouts, and/or games suddenly ends. 

Right now, as our players are in an “Active Rest” phase, the transition of my in-season mode to the off-season mode is taking place.  What’s important right now is for me to maintain a daily routine. I am filling my day with activities such as spending more time with Hillary and Will, walking the dog more, getting my own workouts in, trying to improve my golf game, hiking, writing more, and continuing my education by reading books and watching DVD’s.   I’ve also got a few trips lined up in the next couple of weeks including a trip back to Boston to present at a seminar, the NHL scouting combine in Toronto, and another family trip back home. 

When the off-season officially starts, I will have around 5-10 players here training throughout the summer.  Also, I anticipate having up to 20 younger hockey players who I work with.  It will be full go from there all the way until the next season starts.